Things to do during a Curfew or a Lock-down

27 Feb 2020 Admin Gitonga 0 Personal Development

With the corona pandemic proving to be such a nightmare, most govertments have implemented a curfew and some even total lockdown. So we discuss what are the few things you could do during this curfew period inclusing a FREE course  "The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing" at

Time lost can never be recovered and therefore here are 7 ideas to make use of the time.

1. Set up a blog

Blog on anything and everything you like, food, movies, adventure, life e.t.c These experience are better when shared through blog.

It's free to blog on 

2. Create an Ecommerce site

After Corona, Ecommerce will soar just like Corona, people are now discovering power of online orders and same day delivery, set up an Ecommerce site for that side Hustle - sell and deliver honey, shoes, mitumba, cakes, catering services e.t.c

There are so many stories of side hustles  that became $M dollar businesses, give it a shot. 

3. Make a baby.

You got time to make one beautiful thing. We expect a baby boomer in 9 months. The world could be delivering millions of babies in December. As a results, baby products businesses will be mainstream and therefore, cheap prices - don't miss out this - swim downstream.

4. Play with your spouse and kids more

Make time for your immediate family and make up for what you have not been able to do.

5. Nourish your Mind and Soul

Rekindle your spiritual life, read your Bible, pray, reflect and uplift your spirit.

Read other captivating books as well to nourish your mind, download Amazon Kindle and access thousands of books free of charge.

6. Revamp your CV | Do short courses Online

With just 30 minutes online, you can complete an online course and gain important knowledge and expertise in addition to a Certificate for your CV.

With course, you will be able to get a certificate that you can present to your employer.

To help you started during this period we have availed our trending course "The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing" FREE for the first 100 suubcribers. Hurry up  and enroll now for FREE.

7.  Do anything constructive with your time

BY: Admin Gitonga

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