Google bans account on developer association meaning, recently google is doing more than app, network and PC checks. I have had the same problem 5 years ago when my 40 accounts with a monthly revenue of 20k USD – yes 20k were banned! For months i researched and tried different approached till i came up with a strategy that that lowers your ban rate and guarantees a long life for your google play developer accounts. I have been helping people get back to safe publishing after google ban. It is usually very difficult once you get the first ban for you to get up and running again.However through experience i have identified set of actions you need to make sure you have put in place, otherwise you will be losing your accounts soon than later. Since i cant keep up with all the help requests in my inboxes i decided to document the strategy and avail it as a book. The book is very elaborate and every step is well detailed. Get your copy now and begin publishing!

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Learn why google terminates developer accounts and how to ensure that your accounts never get banned.

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